Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Welcome to my Blog!

Greetings and welcome to my blog!  Considering I spend most of my free time with my nose in cookbooks or scrolling through endless cooking and baking blogs, I wanted to create one of my own!  Cooking and baking are my passions (although I am a better baker than I am a cook..but I am working on that!) and experimenting the infinite options the kitchen has to offer really brings me a lot of happiness.  

I love to create things and take a lot of pride in a new recipe's success and would like to share those successes (and I can't leave out the failures!) with you.  All of my cooking will be vegetarian cuisine and much will be vegan as well.  I have been a vegetarian for 7 years now and at the ripe age of 20 I plan to delve into the world of veganism once I can rid myself of my pesky love of cheese (it's just soooo good!).  I have the most supportive boyfriend who, although is an omni, is so willing to try my creations and he really gave me the courage to finally enter the blogging world.  Although all of the cooking adventures  and recipes I will be sharing with you are of vegetarian nature, fear not meat lovers (!) for you can easily use these recipes the way a vegetarian would alter a recipe using meat products.   Life is, afterall, an maybe I can turn you on to a dish you would never have before thought to be tantilizing until seeing it with your own two eyes (because lets face it, you might not know this now, but a vegetarian life is SO much more than tofu and beans.)

As for the baking (ahhh, baking!)...there will be recipes for vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike (and I plan on broadening my knowledge on gluten-free baking as well!).  I am a cupcake fanatic and make many cupcakes for my omni friends and vegan friends, so I am not about excluding anyone..especially when it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth! I think everyone deserves a delicious, mouth-watering, crave-worthy treat, regardless of the presence or absence of eggs and milk.  So whatever your preference, I hope I catch your eye with something..because if I can spread my love for good food (and as you've now seen, hopefully some good writing!) that will mean that the purpose of my blog is being fulfilled.  So keeps your eyes open and of course, your hearts and bellies full.

Dave and I.
But, THIS is more like us.


  1. WOW! Another great blog to add to my daily read!

    I can't wait for your next post.


    Auntie Susan

  2. I'm glad I will have at least one dedicated reader!

  3. I'll be reading, I love cooking, I'm totally vegan but I'm a disaster at baking, I'll be keeping my eyes on your posts! :)

  4. That's awesome, thank you! I am going to try to put a vegan version of every recipe I post as well. I hope you see things you like on here! :)